About us

Cosmic Sound Bowls are an excellent tool for meditation, sound healing, yoga and other energy healing techniques. Since the beginning of our Sound Healing journey, we envisioned a world in which working with sound becomes a natural healing modality and therefore serves as a complimentary medicine which relieves mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blockages. Through sound healing with our bowls, you will tune into the frequency where your body can activate and boost its self-healing abilities.

Marilyn Ajayi - Founder of Cosmic Sound Bowls

Marilyn was thriving in her career as a Diplom Engineer. After traveling the world, working for charities along the way, she realized that her soul was longing for more. She started her second career as a Sound Healer and holistic life coach.

Through her work as a Sound Healer, Marilyn realized her dream was to create a product which gives access to the magic of sound. She wanted EVERYONE to be able to integrate this sacred practice into their routines and spread knowledge about these instrument's healing abilities.

Hence she created Cosmic Sound Bowls - a female-owned, soul-driven company. Soul-driven means that everything is allowed to flow. Marilyn is convinced that her business can only thrive if everyone involved is thriving. Therefore she continues to create a work environment like no other. And we love her for it.

Chiara Celi - Costumer Care

Chiara is a 500+ hr Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer & Tarot Reader. She gets to teach Yoga in the most beautiful Boutique Studios and Companies in Berlin and has led several Retreats and Workshops.

Two years ago, she started integrating the Sound Healing into her work. She gets to share this practice in weekly Sound Baths and 1:1 Sound Healing Sessions with her clients. She also loves guiding her mentees with the successful integration of Sound into their business. She hosts a podcast about all things spiritual - KartenKarussell (German). You can check out her work here:


Here at Cosmic Sound Bowls, she assists Marilyn with the @cosmicsoundbowls Instagram account & website and answers all your questions surrounding our magical Sound Healing tools.