Driven by the Moon - Single Bowls


Frosted Singing Bowls - Driven by the Moon

Our bowls come in the following sizes:

12 '' Tone C (30,48 cm)

11 '' Tone D (27,94 cm)

10 '' Tone E (25,40 cm)

9 '' Tone F (22,86 cm)

8 '' Tone G (20,32 cm)

7 '' Tone A (17,78 cm)

7 '' Tone B (17,78 cm)

Material: Frosted Quartz

The singing bowl comes with a mallet and a rubber O-ring to stand on.

Cosmic Sound Bowls are made of finest pure quartz crystal with a rich, clear & deep sound and accompanied by great sustain. Its sound penetrates our body and brings us into vibration. This massages our physical body, induces a state of deep relaxation and allows us to enter higher states of consciousness.

Our Sound Bowls are an excellent tool for meditation, Sound Healing, Yoga and other energy healing techniques. Beautiful, clear, deep, amazing and a rich vibrational resonance with the power support your healing journey.

Through Sound Healing with these bowls, you will tune in into the frequency in which your body can boost and activate its self-healing abilities.

Cosmic Sound Bowls by Marilyn Ajayi