Inspired by the Sun - Starter Set

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Sound healing Starter Set 'Inspired by the sun'

The set contains the following bowls:

12'' Tone C (30.48 cm) - Root Chakra

9'' Tone F (22.86 cm) - Heart Chakra

7'' Tone A (17.78 cm) - Crown Chakra

The set includes 3 mallets and 3 O-rings.

The Cosmic Sound Bowls are made of the finest pure quartz crystal,

so that the sound is rich, clear, deep and can last for a long time.

There is a cosmic singing bowl for each chakra.

Singing bowls are an excellent tool for meditation, sound healing, yoga, and other energy healing techniques.

Beautiful, clear, deep, amazing and a rich vibrational resonance with the power of health. Through sound healing with these bowls you tune into the frequency in which your body can increase and activate its self-healing abilities.